How Rell & Co can help you save time and money on your wedding, all while caring for the planet

We sat down with Rell & Co, one of the coolest new sustainable wedding hire and event start ups in Sydney to learn more about them and how they are saving the planet, all while helping you save time and money on your wedding – how cool is that! 

They have definitely won us over and we think they will win you over too – not only are they super super cost effective but they are committed to caring for people and the planet!

Give us the run down on Rell & Co:

Rell & Co is a hire and end to end event and wedding business, for purpose and committed to caring for people and the planet. We offer sustainable, ethical and beautiful event and wedding hire elements to set that special day apart and make the experience amazing.

It’s about providing people with a pathway to ensuring their event doesn’t cost too much, and positively contributes to the environment and the supply chain. It’s hard to be responsible in the way we consume, people need easy solutions and we have a model that delivers that. Weddings can create so much waste and cost ridiculous amounts; we want to change that and make it all easier!

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Where did the idea for Rell & Co come from?

I couldn’t find anyone hiring tabletop items that I wanted when I was planning my own wedding reception – I didn’t want plain white plates and polyester napkins, but that was all that was really on offer. I knew there were so many more beautiful options when it comes to the things you can buy for your tabletop at home, so I thought why not make that available for hire for events? At the same time Dave was becoming more aware and passionate about finding information around a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle in such a consumerist culture, and it just made sense to combine the two and create Rell & Co.

How can Rell & Co help you save time and money on your wedding?

  • Firstly, you’ll know exactly what it costs. We publish all our pricing online, and have made it simple for couple’s to create their own quotes, so they know right away if we fit in their budget and don’t have to wait for someone to get back to them with a quote.
  • Our beautiful, functional hire items like plates, cutlery, recycled beer bottle glasses and napkins are all unique and so add design elements to the reception tabletop, saving money on extra decorations and just making the whole thing feel really special.
  • We provide advice and help making events and weddings carbon neutral, sustainably sourced and something a customer can be proud of.
  • We’ve priced items to be competitive with other hire places so that it doesn’t cost more to make it a beautiful experience. Gst and breakage deposit is inclusive so it’s easy to get a bottom line figure to work with.
  • We tailor orders to fit exactly what’s needed. What we don’t have in stock, we try our best to get for the customer from other hire business at no extra cost.
  • We work with ethical caterers who can create custom menus.
  • Delivery is easy, factored into each order and we also offer to set things up and style events if that’s needed too!
  • We’re here to help at every step. We’ve done lots of events and weddings now and we can give insight where it’s needed, or just back off if the client has their own creative experience to draw on- easy!

To learn more about Rell & Co visit them here

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