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If you’re lazy as hell in the kitchen or really need to shed a couple of love handles, here’s your answer.

As Gen Ys, AKA, Millennials, we’re trying to establish careers, we’ve got projects formulating on the side (trying to be entrepreneurs), we’re social, we’re travelling, we’re fitness freaks and understand the importance of being healthy. We’re busy. Really busy………oh and sometimes LAZY!. Enter stage right delivery services such as HelloFresh, Delish Deliveries, Eat Fit Foods, Marley Spoon, Be Fit Foods, FivePointFour and Fit Food Club. These delivery services package up time, convenience, health, nutrition and fresh produce into a box and place it on our doorstep.

When deciding to invest in a food delivery service, it may be overwhelming but to make it easier for you we have broken the above services down by per meal cost and package type:

FivePointFour is purely goal focused. Five stands for – you guessed it – the 5 meal plans they offer – Men’s weight Loss, Women’s weight Loss, Maintenance, Muscle Gain and Vegan. The four stands for the four main goals – Health, Results, Convenience and Affordability. FivePointFour is designed for lazy, oh and health conscious individuals who want to loose a few or lean up. There are two delivery options, weekly and  fortnighly. The weekly delivery box includes 3 meals a day for 7 days of the week excluding Sunday night. Whereas the fortnightly box is 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner) for 5 says a week.
Originally a German concept, Marley Spoon, has spread across Europe, the UK and now Australia. Dinner boxes can be selected for two people or a family box (two adults and two kids). The most meals per week are four and you’re sent ingredients for each recipe you select, except the pantry basics such as oil, salt, pepper and eggs, because, lets be honest, even in your half arsed attempt to be somewhat of an adult, you should have these basics. Marley Spoon’s aim is to reduce food wastage, therefore only four meals a week are provided to customers to allow for flexibility and unplanned changes to schedules.

Delish Deliveries hand select Sydney’s best produce from local farmers and suppliers and package your order fresh on the morning of delivery using recyclable cooler bags and boxes – we love them! The produce is bought by taste for the benefit of the customer. Delish Deliveries interacts heavily with their customers through social media, making the business transparent and trustworthy to the customer. We’re regularly shown behind the scenes of warehouses, conversations with suppliers at marketplaces and we’re even taken on the road whilst new drivers are being trained, all the way to the doorstep. The great thing about Delish Deliveries, is that it gives you options. You can purchase grocery items individually to stock up your pantry and fridge as well as select planned meals for the week and if you consider yourself an avid chef, you still have the ability to cook your meals with the produce that was delivered to your door.

Eat Fit Food is directly and completely suitable for the older Gen Yers who are a little more financially stable – #grownupgoal. It has both subscription and pay as you go options and meal plans are designed for weight loss and optimal health. You can purchase individual meals, or choose from a range of 5,10 and 20 days full-inclusive programs. Eat Fit Food delivers only 2-3 days worth of groceries to maintain freshness. They use quality produce, including locally farmed and ethically sourced meat and fish and are currently building organic produce gardens from scratch which will eventually end up in your meal.

Fit Food Club is for the health conscious and those that want culinary assistance to accompany their fitness regime to tone. FFC deliver frozen whole food meal plans daily. The meals are well balanced, delicious and portion controlled. And. They do Vegan really well. Customers are offered 5 and 7 day plans which allow for two cheat meals! Whilst, you can’t customise your meal plan, the menu changes weekly.

HelloFresh operates as a subscription service whereby you subscribe to your choice of box and then chef designed and pre-planned meals are delivered to your door. There are a variety of recipes each week that are designed to typically take only 30 minutes or less to cook and don’t require fancy equipment. The boxes can cater for vegetarian and omnivores, families as well as singles/couples – just be careful on the automatic subscription on this one!

On an individual level, these services allow for a more balanced lifestyle by off-loading the grocery shopping and meal planning time. They take away the tyranny of choice that the huge supermarkets offer whilst encouraging people to step outside their traditional meal options and expand their cooking and eating experience. Similarly, they provide foods to some that may not necessary have access to certain food cuisines. The only choices customers have to make is what delivery service to order and whether they prefer individual ingredients or pre-cooked meals, and whether they want those to be fresh or frozen.
On a larger, more global scale, these services are bringing the food industry into the e-commerce world whilst simultaneously attempting to reduce food waste. By delivering prepared and measured out meals, the aim is to reduce the build up of jars of spices, sauces and condiments that will eventually go stale in pantries and discarded from the lack of use.

Enjoy discovering what the world has to offer your palate………

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