Where should I put my money? (If I had some!)


Are you like me and curious to discover different ways to invest your money besides real estate? Maybe you don’t want the hassle of home ownership or a mortgage yet but your seriously interested in investing your money somewhere?

Well, as you may well know, us Gen Ys are starting to have different views about investing compared to our parents, largely thanks thanks to the rise in technological advancements. More and more of us, no longer feel the need to follow the “life process” of school, university, establish career, buy property and “settle down”. Instead, we have exchanged ownership for experience. However, in order to have an experience you need funds. Am I right? And what better way is there, to make money, than from your own money!
So the questions arise – where should I put my money to get the best return? Even if it is as little as $25 a week, what are my options?
Advice from many financial advisors includes splitting your money across all multiple assets to create a portfolio in a proportion suiting your specific circumstances: your age, risk tolerance and investment goals. So just like your gym training, you need to mix your investments up to stay fit, healthy and able to stay in shape during the off seasons.

So lets set down this rabbit warren of options, to discover the many investment alternatives. If real estate aint your thing, then perhaps its worth exploring more about one or more of the following?

Shares – with a number of free online courses, it is quite easily start to dabble a little in this space, who knows where it will lead you?

Bonds – As in James Bond?

Peer to peer lending – Surely the next door neighbour can lend a coin or two for a low interest rate?

Online trading – I once knew a guy that traded teddy bears online to fund a ski trip…genius?

Invest into your future children’s education (college or university fund). Children, you say? That’s way off from now….but worth considering.

Pay off debt. It’s worth noting that the return that you will earn on paying off debt will not have income tax consequences.

If you’re in the US – Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement).

For Australians – Boost your super. You can salary sacrifice or maybe invest your annual tax return into your superfund?

Precious metals – gold or silver. Bit old skool, and I know it’s not the 1930’s but it’s an asset which you can take possession of and have it as a safety net if the market was to crash.

Collectibles – art, antiques, jewellery, cars, but us millennials don’t seem to want to own material things these days.

Wine – got to pick the right grape though!

Become a silent business partner…could be cool, but risky?

Invest in YOU – do a course that will develop your profession. Complete a certificate for further credentials. Invest in yourself to make you the best version of yourself.

Or invest in fintech services – financial services using technology to disrupt the financial world. These are exciting, new platforms and apps which we will explore in depth in the next article.

So, there are just a few (fourteen – but who’s counting) options for you to consider straightaway. We will explore a few of the above in another article but it’s important to realise that there are options available to you besides real estate and shares.
Maybe the best investment you’ll make is in yourself, or maybe you’ll come across a business that excites you…or just pay off all that debt you’re wracking up. Whatever it is, the best thing is, you have options.
Stay tuned for more on this subject.
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