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With the average Australian Wedding now costing $65,482, according to the latest Bride to Be Cost of Love survey, many of us could find ourselves starting married life saddled in a fair bit of debt. Although, your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, there is no reason you should be paying more than you can afford, nor should you still be paying off your big day in years to come. To help you discover ways to keep the costs down and plan your wedding on a shoestring, we ask Amy Parfett from WedShed – the coolest new online platform that brings together a range of unique Australian venues for hire – for her top 7 tips for saving money on a wedding. 

We love this question because there are so many simple and practical ways to save coin when organising a weddings. Our top seven tips are:

1. Enlist local wedding vendors

Travel costs money. Save here by hiring suppliers that are local to your venue. Chances are they might have worked at your venue before so the logistics will be familiar to them. Triple win: you’ll be supporting the local community, which is always a feel-good thing. 

2. Buy booze when there’s a deal

Alcohol lasts a long time. Subscribe to the email lists of different liquor outlets and stock up when your tipples of choice are on sale. Or see if there’s a deal that can be done on bulk orders from your fave boutique winery/brewery. Check out Vinomofo for great deals

3. Have a smaller bridal party

Always dreamed of having your six besties stand by you as you say your vows? That’s potentially 6 x $$ for hair and makeup, flowers, boutonnieres, tans, nails, clothes, gifts and accessories. Of course, these aren’t all necessary by any means, but typically the bigger the bridal party, the bigger the cost. It’s a tough call, but if you can have a smaller bridal party, this will likely save you some dollars.

4. Use your Christmas-es, birthdays and tax returns wisely

Anytime you’re likely to be gifted, use it as an opportunity to get something for the wedding (like vouchers, shoes, jewellery, etc). This will just help to take the pressure off.

5. Pick a venue that doesn’t need much styling

If you can find a space that’s already amazing, all you need to do is add a few flowers and some pretty lights and you’re pretty much done (ahem, we can help here ;)).


6. Choose a venue that allows you to bring in your own vendors

By having the flexibility to work with your own preferred wedding vendors (particularly caterers) you can shop around and pick a team based on your own personal preferences and budget.

7. Have sharable food

Do big, communal platters of food at tables – it’s less fiddly and more fun than alternate drop. Or consider a cocktail-style wedding with canapés and charcuterie, gourmet BBQs, animals on a spit or picnic hampers.
WedShed have plenty more tips right here if you’re keen to get some money-saving advice.

For more information on WedShed, check out our profile on them here

About WedShed

WedShed is an online platform that brings together unique Australian venues to hire for weddings. It’s a bit like Airbnb, but purely to find spaces for the big day. What sets them apart are the venues themselves. They use the word ‘venue’ loosely - they partner with anything from woolsheds and warehouses to wineries and airplane hangars. What’s consistent between them is that they all allow couples the flexibility to create a celebration that says ‘this is us’.

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