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We speak to Amy Parfett from WedShed to understand more about the coolest new wedding venue discovery site, where the idea for WedShed came from and how to get the most out of the wedding venue site.

What exactly is WedShed?

WedShed is an online platform that brings together unique Australian venues to hire for weddings. It’s a bit like Airbnb, but purely to find spaces for the big day.

What sets us apart are the venues themselves. We use the word ‘venue’ loosely  – we partner with anything from woolsheds and warehouses to wineries and airplane hangars. What’s consistent between them is that they all allow couples the flexibility to create a celebration that says ‘this is us’.

For us, weddings are less about the flashy soirees and traditions of the past and more about people coming together to celebrate love and community – less bridezilla and more bridechilla. WedShed is about helping like-minded and loved-up people find an awesome space to eat, drink and be merry with all the people that mean the most to them.  

We also have a directory of amazing Australian wedding vendors to check out and a whole swag of advice and ‘wedspiration’ to help anyone plan their big day.


Where did you get the idea for WedShed?

We were living in London a few years ago and an engaged girlfriend back home asked for help finding a wedding venue, as she was struggling. So we jumped online (naively thinking surely this can’t be too hard) – and were quickly stumped. Unless you stumbled upon a very lucky search term, the same traditional, often soul-less venues kept cropping up.

We knew there had to be more amazing spaces out there, and that there must be plenty of venue owners who wanted an easier way to connect with couples. At the time, Airbnb was well and truly mainstream and the concept of renting out privately owned properties for vacations was pretty commonplace. Yet, there was no Australian platform offering a similar service for events, in particular weddings. 

So we had the ‘aha’ moment, cracked a bottle of wine (as you do most weeknights in London) and sat on the idea for a couple of years until we hit a point when it suddenly felt urgent to get the concept up and running.

How does the site work?

Couples simply visit our site ( and can search for venues using different parameters, for example by location, number of guests, costs, venue style and much more.

Once a couple has found a venue they like, they can send the venue owner an enquiry or a viewing request through the venue’s profile. This message goes direct to the owner’s inbox, who will then be in touch to follow up with your request.  

Couples can also search for amazing, hand-picked vendors that work at our venues by either searching through our vendor directory, or there’s also a button on every venue profile that will show you vendors that are local to that region.

We’ve also got a ‘Wedspiration’ blog that’s full of handy tried-and-tested advice and inspo for all your wedding planning needs.  


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