CEO of Bamboo Growth, a new robo-investment company on the benefits of investing in the markets

We talked to CEO of Bamboo Growth, Zac Atallah about investing in the markets and the impending launch of his new robo investment company, Bamboo Growth


With the housing market the way it is on the eastern coast of Australia, many of us may need to look at other investing options to get our static money working.  What are the benefits associated with investing in the markets?

Easy – low entry point and diversification. Depending on who your investment account is with, you can start anywhere from $1 to $10,000 and have an awesome, diverse portfolio rather than literally having all your cash in one or two assets of the same type.

The key to long term wealth is starting to invest early and with the housing market at an all time high, a good option is investing in the markets. You don’t necessarily have to own a home as a form of wealth creation – many young aussies have specifically started investing in the markets to help them save up for a home deposit but end up keeping their funds invested as they come to like the flexibility of investing in shares and have decided that they don’t need to buy a property.

Even if it is a small amount of money, the key is starting and portfolio diversification.


What is Bamboo Growth?

From launch, Bamboo will essentially be a robo-advisor, providing a super accessible way to maximise your money.


How did we come about?

Basically, I was working as a financial adviser and saw the ease at which the adviser managed to invest the user into these brilliant portfolio’s. They’re unique, the cost is minimal, the upside is brilliant and provides the user with awesome growth potential. All the time was spent JUSTIFYING the cost to charge the client by the adviser. Well, I figured the system brought so much benefit to the wealthy or those with the resources to access an adviser, why not make it accessible to everyone? Hence we explored the compliance and feasibility of automating the process, weighed up the pro’s and cons of remaining under the existing banner or moving out on my own – and here we are!


How can Bamboo Growth help you get ahead?

You don’t need to worry about how or where to invest. You save time; you can focus on what you do best, EARNING an income, or socialising, or family time. Anything. You can leave your portfolio management up to the experts. Blackrock, who set our portfolios, are the largest asset managers in the world ($5.4 trillion FUM) for a reason – they’re GOOD!

Overall, our portfolio performance rivals the best and our fees don’t eat up your gains like a traditional service.

Let me give you a some calculations:

$100/week for 10 years at 8% – you’ll have around $80k.

That same amount and time in a bank? You’re $25k short. We’re saving you around 5 years, or 50% extra.


What are your clients expected returns?

Depending on the chosen portfolio, 4% in the ‘Income’, 6% in Moderate, 8% Balanced, 9% Growth, 11% Aggressive (my personal super account is at 11.7% for the past 12 months).


When is Bamboo launching?

We don’t have an exact date as there is way too many contingencies, but hopefully around 3 months’ time. I’ve been dreaming and planning this since I was about 16, so it’s frustrating to be so close yet so far, but in the long term – what’s 3 months!!!


How do you get started with Bamboo Growth?

For now, its pretty simple – you jump on our mailing list and get sent sporadic articles and updates.

When we launch, you’ll just need a standard login for a bamboo account – then to progress to investment you’ll need a TFN and ban details, for super you’ll need a TFN (and existing account details if you want to roll it all in to one).

We’ve basically broken down existing competitors locally and internationally and cut the fat on any sign-up process to give the user an easier experience!

For more info on Bamboo Growth, click here

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