The 5 ‘must see’ destinations to visit in the next 5 years

We chat to Murray Decker from Tour Amigo to get his 5 ‘must see’ destinations to visit within the next 5 years. Here they are……

Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Reaping the benefits of Myanmar‘s recent political and economic liberalisation – decaying buildings and monuments are being spruced up and there’s a rash of new restaurants, bars and shops. The inspiring Buddhist monument Shwedagon Paya, is the pinnacle around which everything else revolves, followed by downtown Yangon, where the pavement is teeming with food and book vendors; colourful open-air markets; neighbouring temples and some of Southeast Asia’s most impressive colonial architecture.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

One of Africa’s most extraordinary places. The stirring counterpoint to Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, the Okavango is one of the world’s largest inland deltas. The up-to-18,000-sq-km expansion and expiration of the Okavango River means that this mother of waters sustains vast quantities of wildlife that shift with the seasons in this mother of waters

Central America

Turquoise seas and lush forests, magnificent Maya ruins, bustling markets and flourishing farms, Central America is packed with opportunities to explore and chill out in countries like Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Columbia.

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Sofia, Bulgaria / Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe hardly gets as much attention as it should. Only the most adventurous travelers know how much beauty this part of the world really has. So, if you want to get a nice taste of this region, then we recommend Sofia, Bulgaria. The city lights up at night, a gorgeous scene surrounded by the Vitosha mountains. There’s also little pockets of entertainment and alternative culture everywhere you turn. Of course, being in Eastern Europe, this city is very cheap, and it’s easy to get to other destinations by train.

Havana, Cuba










Ever since the U.S (kind of) opened it’s doors to Cuba, it’s become a very popular place to visit. Still, people are a bit hesitant to travel here, making it a unique destination. Going to Cuba is like traveling back in time, as all the cars are from the 60’s and perhaps the fashion is, too. Havana gives you a mix of city life and beach paradise. Spend the day admiring the colonial Spanish architecture or getting your tan on. Make sure you try the delicious Cuban food and check out the delicious Cuban people as well!

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