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Why did you start Rell & Co?

After planning our own wedding, which we really enjoyed; and then helping my sister plan hers a few months later, we got the impression that some businesses which operate in the wedding industry can be incredibly overpriced, often impersonal, the information isn’t always clear and the customer experience can be stressful – it’s not like they’re expecting repeat business right?!

While there are some really good people doing great stuff in the space, it seemed like there was room to do something creative. Planning a wedding is considered by some to be one of the most stressful life events. We don’t profess to be able to limit all the stress around Events and wedding planning, however I think we do make things a little better. Our aim is to be customer focused at all times as well as caring deeply about our impact on other people and the planet.

Where do you source all your products?

It took 2 years to curate and source items for the first products we’ve made available – it’s hard to find beautiful things that are traceable and made in a sustainable and ethical way, and also affordable, so we’re really proud of what we currently stock and where we got them!

Almost everything we have is Australian made or handmade by me.

Absolutely everything is made by workers who are payed a proper living wage. Some great businesses we source from include Robert Gordon Australia for our plates, bowl and mugs, our napkins are from Cloth & Co, our glassware is from Stolzle in Germany, our cutlery all comes from an ethical maker in Guangzhou called Cutlery of Shanghai and our recycled beer bottle glasses are from Bali Recycling Co. We also use Uashmama (Italian washable paper) and Mud Australia (fine pottery), and lots of things I’ve made myself, including all our macrame and shibori-dyed items. I’m always hunting for great new products we can add to the list.

What are the benefits of using Rell & Co over a traditional wedding vendor?   

Our hire items are unique and great quality. And, we will work with customers as much (or as little) as they need us to in order to make the day amazing.

We are upfront and transparent with everything, from our prices, to delivery cost, to exactly where each of our products are sourced- you can read about absolutely everything on our site.

Being small in comparison to most hire companies, we can provide a much more personalized service and also really listen to what it is our customers want to achieve.

Tell us about some of the cool wedding locations you have worked on so far? 

One of our most recent weddings was at the bride’s family estate in Sydney. They used a clear roof marquee with festoon lights strung across which created the illusion of stars after dark. The tables were set beautifully with our plates, cutlery and glassware and simple floral arrangements. It was such an amazing atmosphere for their reception, I think it might be one of the best weddings I’ve ever seen.

We did a really cool birthday party at an 1830’s Georgian Mansion in the Hunter Valley, which sits on 5 acres of beautifully manicured gardens and feels like you’ve taken a step back in time. The party was a twilight high tea held in a glass atrium that leads to a courtyard garden where we added our festoon lights in the tree branches which made it feel magical. Cheese, wine, sweets, tunes it was a perfect little party. It was a cool example of an event we worked on which wasn’t overly elaborate, but nailed the vibe that the client was going for.

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