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Your mid 20s to mid 30s is a time where you find yourself moving between different share houses, rental properties or even cracking the property market. This can come with the challenge of having to maneuver or sell a fair bit of furniture as you move between places.

While it would be nice not to own a bunch of furniture and be free as a bird, the reality is, many of us need to buy furniture so we’re simply not living in empty spaces. It’s also hard to resist splashing out on new home decor when you move into a new space to make it feel homey and ‘you’.  Inevitably we end up with a bunch of ‘things’ that we end up having to potentially split or sell before we move to our next place.

With this in mind we have done a little searching and found a bunch of great sites where you can sell or buy pre-loved furniture to either help you recoup some of our previous outgoings or deck your place out with some super cool and vintage furniture for an affordable price.

Kitsch Please – great buying and selling platform that houses a small but quality collection of everything from statement furniture to cheap and cheerful finishing touches. New stock is uploaded often, so it’s worth checking in regularly.

Etsy – Great place to sell and find vintage pieces if you know some good search terms – most of the time the previous owner has added a bit of their own flavour to the pieces so it depends whether or not this is up your alley.

Ebay  – Ebay can be a great place to sell and find pre-loved furniture if you’re up for throwing a bit of love into it. These pieces often need a little tending to but is often worth it considering the price. Ask lots of questions before buying so you are purchasing wisely.

Gumtree –  with the surge in popularity for vintage and pre-loved furnishings over the last few years, Gumtree can be a great place to sell and pick up some of these gems for an affordable price. You can get some great quality stuff on Gumtree but also, a bit like Ebay, you may need to throw a little love into some pieces. Again make sure you ask lots of questions to know what shape the piece is coming in. 

Facebook ‘Buy swap or sell’ local groups – if you’re able to watch and pounce like a hawk – joining a local group could be a great option. Things move really fast so you have to be able to act quickly but the beauty is it’s local and most things are in really good condition.  

Zilch – is  a sustainable and no-strings site to help you de-clutter and recycle for free. You probably won’t find the nicest things here but technically it’s easy to use and Australia-wide so if you lived in Sydney, but saw something in Melbourne that you wanted you could get it. All you need to do is sign up as a member and  you can then search items that you’re looking for, or ‘sell’ things yourself. Everything is FREE!

If you’re in the US, ‘Previously Owned by a gay man’ is a fab option.

With the online furniture market booming and a great way to keep your budget in line, any time is a good time to sell or buy pre-loved furniture. Just remember to be realistic about your prices – perhaps do some research beforehand – the more spot on your pricing or deal is the more likely it will move quick. Ensure you use good quality pictures and comprehensive, honest descriptions and that your furniture is super clean and in good condition for a re-sale.

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