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Do you often dream of tapping into your adventurous side and acquainting yourself with the great outdoors for the weekend? But the one thing that keeps putting you off is the absence of a camping get up?

Well thanks to CampNow you don’t need to beg borrow or steal a bunch of camping gear from your friends – you can hire full camping set ups for the weekend and what’s even better, they will deliver, collect and clean it all when you’re finished.

CampNow is perfect for those who are just starting out or looking for a simple package  and don’t want to spend thousands, or like many of us, already have overflowing cupboards in your apartment and don’t have enough space to store all that gear.

You can choose your own adventure package with three kinds of rental packages:

  1. The festival package – for two on a budget.
  2. The Want More package – perfect for two people wanting a few more camping comforts like a cooking stove and gas.
  3. The Family package – perfect for four people when you’re looking to add a couple more people to your gang.

What’s more CampNow offer a heap of inspiration on places to explore in Aus to help you pick your next camping spot. They also even donate $2 from every sale.

Check them out here.

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