Save $1000 in 1 month

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1. Choose coffee over brunch

Instead of catching up with friends over brunch, try opting for a walk and a coffee…..the difference between $3 for a coffee versus $28 for brekkie, certainly adds up. Alternatively, opt for breakfast picnic with take-away coffee and a fruit salad instead for around $13.

Save: $100 per month


2. Clean up your subscriptions

If you have multiple subscriptions in the same category like Stan and Netflix, consider only using one at a time so you’re not spending double or tripple….reality is, you can’t maximise all subscriptions at once and $11:99 per month might not seem like a lot but if you have 3 or 4 subscriptions running at the same time, that adds up to a serious amount of mulla. Work out what subscriptions are an absolute must and remove the rest.

Save: $11.99 per month


3. Re think your gym membership

With most gym memberships averaging around $59.99 a fortnight, have a look at how much you’re actually attending classes. Personally, I found myself only attending a class once or twice a week so I decided to put my membership on hold for 3 weeks and found I could do without it. Now I opt for 3-4 runs per week, a walk or two and then use Do Yoga with Me for awesome free yoga and Fitness Blender to add some weights and HITT workouts into my regime.

Save: $119.98 per month


4. Drink Less Coffee

Reduce your coffee intake to max one per day or every second day. If you’re a two or more a day kinda person, reducing your coffee intake could save you some serious dough.

Save: $48 – $96 per month


5. Hit up house wine & happy hour

It may be a sad state of affairs but it’s one way to the top of the money tree….suck it up and drink house wine or opt for the cheapest beer for around $6. And if cocktails are your thang……start early and get in for happy hour where you can snack a cocktail for around $10.

Save: $80 per month


6. Say no to new clothes

Let’s be honest, with a wedding, engagement or birthday almost every weekend……the ongoing temptation for a new outfit is real! With the average cost of a new outfit roughly costing around $150 per week, it doesn’t take long to see a serious dent in your bank balance. Instead try limiting yourself to one new $100 outfit per month (max!) or use sites such as Your Closet Hire, Rent the Runway and the like to rent an outfit for half the price or One Wardrobe to sell some of your pre-loved items, allowing you to add some money back into your clothing piggybank.

Save $400 – 500 per month


7. Do cheap Tuesday at the movies

You’ll only pay $13 for a standard adult ticket on Tuesdays at Hoyts or Event Cinemas in suburban Sydney, which is a saving of $8.50. Gold Class or Lux tickets are $27 on Tuesdays, saving you $15!

It may also be worth signing up for your favourite cinema rewards program. For example, with Event Cinemas Cinebuzz rewards you get a discount movie each week and if you see six movies you get one free.

Plus if you bring your own snacks and soda water, you could save $8.50 on popcorn and $6 on a soda or soft drink.

Save: $23 per month if you frequent the movies once a month


8. Get to know your member rewards

Although cheap Tuesdays is one way to save, members can also score discounted movie tickets, among other things, from providers such as Bupa, AAMI, AGL, NRMA, Telstra Thanks and Optus Perks. Never pay full price at the movies again….check out Money Magazine’s article on ‘How to stop paying full price for movie tickets’  to compare provider prices.

Save: $44.5 per month if you frequent the movies once a month and skip on the snacks


9. Be Done with ATM Fees

If you’re an avid card user…..and potentially a little too lazy to find your banks closest ATM,  these fees can get you! Three options here…, be smarter with your budget and withdraw your weekly spending allowance in cash (say $200 per week). Not only will this help you avoid the ATM fees by always having cash on you, it will also help you stick to your weekly budget. Two, join ING Direct who offer no ATM fees…winning! Three, make sure you bring your own lunch and snacks to work….. a lot of eateries in the city only accept cash so you’re always running to the closest ATM and getting stung by fees in your rushed attempt to get food. The city is also notorious for inflated prices….think $10 for breakfast, plus $15 on lunch and $4 on a snack and that’s $29 per day on food!

Save: $8 per month


10. Shop the specials online

Don’t be tempted walking aimlessly down the grocery isle. Instead shop from the comfort of your kitchen where you can check exactly what you do and don’t have. Here you can also easily shop the specials and the take things out of your basket at the checkout if you’ve gone over your budget!!

Save: $100 per month


11. Get gift smart

Before you throw $50 – $100 into your mates present, there are some great gift options that come in under $39. Think small flower bouquets for around $25 from Little Flowers and the like or small craft beer packages from Brewquets or Beer Cartel. If gifting vino is more your thang, check out the epic discounts and deals from Vinomofo and buy in bulk so next time you need to gift, you’ve got something on hand. If thoughtful cards or donations are up your alley, check out Cardly and Good Thnx.

Save: $100 per month

Total monthly savings $1027.50

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