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If your looking to find the best action sports and adventure events in the world in one place, Rad Season is your answer!

This innovative website connects thrill-seekers to festivals and events dedicated to their adventure of choice. It then helps you book event tickets, accommodation, travel and connect with like-minded people.

Whether it is a snowboarding music festival in the Austrian Alps, a surfing contest in Hawaii or a camel riding race in the Australian outback, ‘it’s always the season somewhere’..and Rad Season will help you get there!

So next time you’re thinking about booking a trip, Rad Season can help you organise the trip of a lifetime!

How it works:

Rad Season collects information on a range of different action sports and adventure events around the world including events in the following categories:

– Mountain biking

– Diving

– Flying

– Skiing

– Snowboarding

– Culture


– Obstacle race

– Running

– Outdoors,

– Wakeboarding

– Surfing

– Windsurfing

– Deepsea challenges

You can search the site by a particular event or location, date or type of action sport or event.

Once you’ve found an event, Rad Season provides a map of the closest accommodation, with information on prices, distance from event and also the most convenient way to travel. Travellers are then connected to other hotel booking sites to finalise their accommodation booking.

You can also check out their online magazine to discover upcoming events and the best places to travel for specific festivals or adventures.
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