Our Marley Spoon review

Want fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door to help you make delicious meals in under 30 minutes?

Marley Spoon is your answer!

We recently tried Marley Spoon for the first time and were pleasantly surprised at the quality, taste and ease of the meals.

We ordered two meals – Lemon and Feta Chicken and Chickpea and Zucchini Tagine. The delivery came with fresh seasonal ingredients – all pre-measure to reduce waste and a recipe card for each meal. Each recipe was very clear and easy to follow and each meal took around 30 mins to prep and cook.

So here is what we thought of each meal….

Lemon and Feta chicken with green beans, cannellinni beans, feta and chicken, was full of flavour! The combination of the beans with the feta made for a really creamy taste and texture to the meal. This is not a combination I would have thought up on my own but it was so yum I wanted seconds! This meal is also labelled “healthy choice” by Marley Spoon and it certainly was that. I couldn’t fault any ingredient in the recipe which was really surprising as it tasted sooo good…almost naughty! Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this meal and would highly recommend it for its health, taste and ease of prep.


The next meal we had was the Chickpea and Zucchini Tagine. Again this meal lived up to its healthy choice name, especially if you consider cous cous a ‘healthy’ grain like we do.

While this meal was  also healthy, it slightly lacked  flavour compared to the first meal and a traditional tagine that is slow cooked and oozing with flavour.  That being said, it was still enjoyable and quick to make.  

We would absolutely buy Marley Spoon again, mainly for its convenience, taste and heath appeal. Unlike other providers you can create your own meal plan for the week and swap meals in and out. This is a big plus for picky eaters like us who prefer certain meats and vegetarian meals. I also love that Marley Spoon introduces you to new flavour combinations and takes the guess and planning work out of your weekly food shopping.

Overall I think Marley Spoon is the pick for healthy, affordable, sustainable and easy meals – perfect for those who are conscious about their health, budget but lack time and a bit of inspiration in the kitchen.

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