Tour Amigo Founder, Murray Decker, on how travelling as part of a tour group can be more cost effective

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1. Tell us a little bit about Tour Amigo and why you started?

Tour Amigo searches, compares and books organised guided tours worldwide. At Tour Amigo, we believe in inspiring people to see the world. We allow people to search, compare and book the best value package tours worldwide, all in one place allowing them also to book flights and travel insurance as well.

The idea was formulated on an airplane sick bag after receiving numerous enquiries for travel advice on where to go, what tour to do and what tour would be the best for them. Upon further investigation there was a gap in the market for people to compare tours without looking through multiple websites and brochures or having to go and see someone.

Upon researching it further, a lot of people who were interested in tours wanted a transparent experience, and wanted friendly advice not a sales driven conversation. People wanted convenience and consistency and Tour Amigo is all of that.Displaying TA desktop home page.png

2. How is travelling as part of a tour group more cost effective?

A lot of people don’t realise that tours are the more cost effective way to travel. – You have all your accommodation and internal travels paid up front.

– Most tours include food packages, that span further than hotel breakfasts.

– Because you are travelling with a group/tour, a lot of attractions give hefty discounts

– Tour companies have great relationships with restaurants , hotels, bars, attractions, that travellers get the advantage as well

– Most importantly it is the most efficient way to cover multiple destinations.

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4. What are your top tips for getting the best rates, i.e how far out should you book?

Do your own research by searching and comparing your options, hence why we started Tour Amigo. Otherwise, three months is a good planning period, it just depends on where you are heading. The main concern about leaving to last minute is that you may miss out due to availability, particularly in peak season

5. Tell us about your favourite destination so far and where you’re going next?

This is a very difficult question as someones favourite is very different to others, mainly due to the experience you have and who you share it with. I have to say Greek islands is high on my favourites as they have the people, the culture, the food, the scenery, the history and the mythology. Next on my list is Central America and Japan. Aiming for the cultural shocks and experiences that shape us.

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