Online Courses for Improving or Learning New Skills

Lynda – Awesome video tutorials across a range of topics conducted by industry experts.

Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda provides subscribers with unlimited access to an extensive library of skills. Industry experts provide courses that are easily accessible throughout daily life, as they can be accessed from a computer, tablet, and even a mobile device. Identified as the leading online learning platform, Lynda is dedicated to helping users achieve both personal and professional goals by exclusively using videos of engaging and top-quality courses that are conducted by recognized industry experts. For business, software, technology and creative skills, Lynda serves more than 10,000 organisations in 5 different languages. It also provides the unique option of group memberships for businesses, schools, or government organisations, as well as free trials as a reassurance that subscribers are receiving the best service available.

Skillcrush – Coding and web design.

Marketed as a group of women proving that they are just as capable of coding, Skillcrush aims to simplify this seemingly-complicated process. Serving as an interactive online learning community, they offer classes for online coding as well as web design, aimed to help people advance their careers, design new products, or pursue their own ventures. With a free 10-day Bootcamp on offer to reassure people that they are capable of tackling this challenge, Skillcrush takes a passionate and enthusiastic approach to ensure that their users can easily acquire a skill that appears challenging but can be quite essential.

General Assembly – web development and coding, with a focus on design, marketing, technology, and data.

Created in response to the ever-changing digital world, General Assembly uniquely provides classes both online and using onsite campuses that have been stationed throughout the globe. They specialize in web development and coding, with a focus on design, marketing, technology, and data. They have identified the need to bridge the gap between former and existing skills, as the increasingly technological economy makes it difficult to keep up with new systems and procedures that are frequently being introduced. Their focus is not exclusively on individuals, as they also seek to connect job seekers with companies requiring particular skills, and educate entire companies using customized staff training to suit particular needs. Forming connections, building vital skills, and educating individuals are the main aims of General Assembly.

Udemy – From programming to photography, take in-depth online courses and meet any challenge with skills.

Udemy is an online learning platform that connects experts with students looking to master new skills and achieve goals. With over 45,000 courses on offer and constantly expanding, they cater to a wide variety of audiences and are always looking to increase their library. Provided programs are either free of charge or require a tuition fee, and have been crafted by instructors that have extensive experience in their chosen area. The development tools on offer give instructors a diverse range of options for teaching their selected course, including uploaded videos, PowerPoint presentations, and even live classes. The online discussion boards are also utilized as a means of engaging and interacting with users, building up a community-centred approach. The available categories include business and entrepreneurships, academics, the arts, languages, music, technology, as well as health and fitness.

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