Moving Abroad: The Easiest Countries for Young Aussies to get Work Visas

Even though we are lucky enough to come from one of the best countries in the world, we Aussies just can’t get enough of expatriating. We’re out there taking over ski resorts in Canada, pulling beers in London pubs, teaching English in Japanese classrooms, and generally just making the world our oyster.

If you’ve ever wondered how we seem to spread ourselves so far and wide, it’s really quite simple. Young Australians have a pretty sweet deal when it comes to reciprocal working holiday visas – but most of them are only available until you turn 30, so get onto it! There’s no time like the present to pack your bags and head out on an adventure across the globe.
Here are a few of the best (and easiest) countries for Aussies to get working holiday visas…

Our good friends across the ditch are so kind as to let all Australian citizens and permanent residents, regardless of age, work and live in New Zealand for as long as we please! We don’t even need to apply for a visa before travelling, we essentially just show up on NZ’s doorstep like a friendly neighbour, and they invite us in for a cuppa and offer us the pull-out sofa for as long as we need.
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Working a ski season in Canada has become almost a rite of passage for many young Aussies, and who can blame them? Consistently great snow, epic mountain terrain to explore, and one of the best work-to-fun ratios you’ll ever find. Australians between the ages of 18 to 30 years inclusive can easily apply online for a 2-year IEC (International Experience Canada) visa.
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Much like the Canadian ski fields, the hospitality industry in London is teeming with young Aussies. London may be quite an expensive city to live in, but it’s also thriving with things to see and do, and makes for an excellent base to travel the rest of Europe. The UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa allows young Australians between 18 and 30 years to work in the UK for up to 2 years, and it’s super easy to apply online.
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If London isn’t your thing, why not try the luck of the Irish and head to Dublin. Much like London, Dublin is a great base to be able to see the rest of Europe, and rain, hail, or shine, there’s always a good time to be had in their lively pub scene. Ireland offers a Working Holiday Authorisation, rather than a visa, which is valid for 12 months and allows Aussies between the ages of 18 to 30 to work for a maximum period of 6 months with any one employer.
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While it is a lot easier to settle in an English-speaking country, there’s something very exciting about moving somewhere with a culture completely different to our own. Japan is always looking for native English speakers to help teach English in schools and universities, so there is a lot of opportunity for Australians to find work – and it’s usually quite well paid in comparison to other working holiday jobs. Australians aged between 18 to 30 years can get a 1-year working holiday visa, and it is advised that the applicant moves to different areas within Japan every 3 or so months.
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Our working holiday visa opportunities don’t stop there! Check out the full list of reciprocal countries here:

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