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There are many budget apps and sites out there and it’s hard to know which one to use. Since there are so many, for us, the two things that quickly separate them apart are…..usability and functionality. When it comes to usability and functionality – our pick is: Money Brilliant. You may have seen ads for MoneyBrilliant pop up on your Facebook feed recently and all we have to say is, jump on that baby, it’s a goodie.

With all this talk about needing to start investing early to get ahead, the first place to start is getting on top of our budget and personal finances. If you know where your dollars are going and how much you can afford to spend and save each month, the quicker you’ll crack the property or share market or reach you’re next financial goal – whatever that may be. The key is to have a goal and get cracking towards it by monitoring and staying on top of your spending. So when it comes to tracking your spending and your savings, MoneyBrilliant, in our opinion, is one of the best free tools out there thanks to its superb UI/UX as well as the volume and type of financial services accounts that can be integrated into the application.

Users can connect the app, which is both web-based and mobile, to hundreds of Australian and international financial services accounts and automatically have their bills, spending and savings organised to see if they are tracking ‘in the green’ with each pay cycle. You can also manually, add and remove bills and expenses to make the budget work for you.

The apps/site can also help you pay your bills on time, set guardrails and set some savings goals. According to the founders, “It’s a 360-degree view of your financial life”.

To set up your dashboard/account, the app, asks a series of questions like, are you a single or a couple and what big events have you experienced recently or are due to experience in the near future. These questions help MoneyBrilliant set up the most personalized dashboard for your situation and so they can send you their MoneyBrilliant Guides on each of the Money Priorities you have identified.

All in all, MoneyBrilliant is our pick for budgeting tools so get on it and start achieving your budget and savings goals.

Happy saving!

The OYSTA Team

The Content Team

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