How to write the perfect resume to set you up for success


Resumes are a brief window of opportunity to convince a prospective employer that you’re worth their attention, but with hiring managers spending approximately six seconds determining the worth of an applicant, critical errors can easily be made. Concise, attention-grabbing, and relevant resumes are invaluable for capturing the attention of employers. Each resume differs according to their industry of interest, but below we pick apart what generally makes a successful CV stand apart from the rest.

Contact Information Stands Out

Clearly displayed across the top of the page, the contact information is easily accessible and not difficult for an employer to find. With a considerable number of other applications waiting to be skimmed over, hiring managers don’t want to waste needless time locating your details.

On top of this, a link to a social media profile has been included. Employers often research potential candidates to gain a better understanding of who they are, so it is a good idea to include this. Building up your image and reviewing security across all platforms are important measures to ensure that employers gain the best impression of you.

The summary advertises yourself

The summary is the perfect place to highlight your expertise, experience, and what benefits you can provide to a potential employer. This is the ideal place to advertise your core strengths and bring attention to past credentials that support your suitability to the role, as the above example illustrates by integrating their skills with particular situations that exemplify their talents in action.

Information Remains Concise

Bullet-pointing key information and utilising a consistently active voice allows employers to pick out the main points in this resume, ensuring that interest isn’t lost before reaching the important parts.

In support of this, the resume also avoids detailing useless information such as “references available on request.” This should be considered common sense and does not need to be specified.

Clear Presentation

The dividers, bolded text, and clear, legible font are invaluable tools for crafting a professional layout that is easy to comprehend. Hiring managers that read countless of resumes will not spend time scrutinising an untidy and disorganised resume that features jarring colours or interruptive images. Rather, they will appreciate a CV that guides the eye of the employer to particularly important areas of information.

Accomplishments have also been displayed in reverse chronological order, attracting the focus towards recent achievements as evidence of up-to-date and relevant expertise.

Features Key Words

Wording taken directly from the advertised job description is essential for ensuring that your resume passes by the initial stages. Commonly desired traits such as “problem solving” and “high motivation” are two key words that are often featured in advertisements, which this resume has incorporated into their information.

Identifying exact skills is not only valuable due to employers searching resumes for their desired talents, but it also reduces the chance of your resume being lost through an Applicant Tracking System that will exclude any resumes that don’t contain key words.

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