How to Meet New People, Learn New Skills, and Network for free

As far as online social platforms go, Meetup has adopted a fresh and new interpretation of what it means to be a social networking site. Designed to bring like-minded people together in real life, the idea behind Meetup is to help people connect and develop relationships with others in their local area. Though it may appear to be a useful social tool on the surface, when wielded properly it can also be utilised in a variety of other areas.

Meeting New People

The primary purpose of Meetup is, unsurprisingly, giving others the opportunity to engage with local people that have similar interests. After signing up for an account, users search their area for nearby groups that are related to their particular interests. Upon deciding to join a group, a user is required to fill out a form concerning information about themselves. The questions are different depending on the group, but the main goal of this is to allow group members to know the user a little better.

After this, a list of upcoming events that are being hosted by the organiser becomes available. Attending these events is an ideal way of forming personal and close relationships with people in the surrounding area, but their uses can extend beyond mere friendships.

Learning New Skills

Asides from meeting like-minded people, Meetup can be better utilised for specific goals. There are specific groups that offer assistance with learning new skills, but it is better to browse available groups that relate to your specific area of interest. This is an ideal way of meeting talented individuals who can offer crucial advice, allowing a user to discover experts with a diverse range of knowledge and experience that more formal courses may be lacking.

For example, entering a group of local entrepreneurs is a clever way of picking up tips for your own business. Interacting with seasoned businessmen who understand the ins and outs of the industry provides useful insights into the commercial world, and equips a potential businessman with essential knowledge to assist with the reality of business. After picking up on this skill, however, a person may go even further in their uses for Meetup.


Networking, whether with fellow entrepreneurs or potential customers, is undeniably important for building a solid foundation for a business. Meetup is a particularly useful tool for getting in touch with a business’ niche market, allowing prospective businessmen to form a strong relationship and better understanding of their ideal customers. Identifying and communicating with these potential clients is an excellent way of gaining notability for your business, as well as forming a support system to increase the likelihood of its success.

Starting out as an attendee and gradually working your way up to an organiser who hosts their own events is a good way of beginning this process. Meeting regulars and forming relationships with ideal customers creates a foundation that improves the likelihood of your event’s success- and, eventually, your business. It is a good idea to begin with attending events that your niche market would be interested in, then slowly expanding into creating events that will draw in these clients.

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