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You have started an awesome Sugar-free food subscription service, helping others more conveniently source sugar-free products to be healthier and get more from life. What inspired you to start The Sugarfree Box?


I actually used to be the biggest sugar addict! But, like most people addicted to the sweet stuff, I didn’t realise what it was doing to my body and my mind.
A few years ago, I did the “I Quit Sugar” 8-week program and, once I got past the headaches and cravings in the first few weeks, I couldn’t believe how amazing and clear-headed I felt. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick to eating sugar-free for long. Fast forward another year and I was in a soul-sucking corporate job, stressed, unhappy and desperately seeking a way out. Every afternoon, our team would buy a box of chocolates or lollies and I would easily polish off a few, out of stress or boredom. Every day was like a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows. I was well aware of the negative effects it was having on my health, but I just didn’t know how to break the cycle. I realised I needed to swap the chocolates for healthier treats, but the problem was that so many of these so-called “healthy” treats actually had more sugar per 100g than a chocolate bar!
Fortunately I was very interested in nutrition and understood the importance of reading the labels, but what worried me was that so many people rely on the buzzwords like “no added sugar” or “low fat” to determine whether something is a healthy product – and yet so many of these products are loaded with sugar. There needed to be a way for people to discover refined sugar-free snacks and ingredients, without having to spend hours deciphering labels. And so The Sugarfree Box was born!


Tell us more about how The Sugarfree box works and what can we expect to see in a Sugarfree box?


The Sugarfree Box is like a healthy care package that you send to yourself, or to someone special, each season. Many of our customers have purchased them as a gift for someone they care about as a way to help them give up sugar – or even just to show them that healthy foods don’t have to be boring!
Each season’s box has different products in it, and you can expect to find a variety of full-size and sample-size products. Everything is refined sugar-free and free of chemicals, preservatives and other nasty ingredients. The majority of products are Australian made and many of them are from up-and-coming businesses.
Previous products we’ve included range from breakfast toppers to 99% cocoa chocolate, spice mixes to granola. We’re so excited to reveal the products in our Summer Box – it’s our favourite one yet.
You can either choose to buy a one-off box, or sign up to a recurring subscription and save. To gift the box to someone you care about, you can either send them one box, or a prepaid annual subscription, where they will receive a box each season for a year.

What is your favorite thing about running The Sugarfree Box and how has it helped you feel healthier and more well?

My favourite thing has to be sampling all the amazing products, of course!
Aside from that, getting out of the corporate rat race and being my own boss has made a world of difference to my health. After I decided to start The Sugarfree Box, I spent a few months getting up early and working on the business before heading to my day job, and working on it again when I got home at night. I got burnt out very quickly and actually landed myself in hospital for a week, right before our planned launch date. Getting sick completely wiped out my fitness and energy levels, and I quickly realised that I couldn’t run a business AND work full-time AND maintain a healthy lifestyle – something had to give. So, a week after The Sugarfree Box launched, I handed in my resignation. Despite the ups and downs of running my own business, I definitely don’t regret it!
A month after finishing up at work, I caught up with a friend I used to work with and she commented on how my “aura” was completely different – and it was! I had gone from unhappy, stressed and demotivated to actually looking forward to getting out of bed each morning and being excited about what I was doing.



Many young and ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs are time poor and often find it difficult to find the time and motivation to stick with a healthy eating. How you do you think reducing your refined sugar intake and subscribing to The Sugarfree Box can help you stay motivated and stick to a healthier more balanced diet?


There is no doubt that cutting out refined sugar can make it much easier to stick to a balanced diet, as you will find that your sugar cravings disappear after a while and your mood will stabilise. You’ll also notice that your skin clears up, any bloating will disappear and your “brain fog” will lift. It’s a great feeling! It’s also ideal for people who have been trying to lose the same few kilograms for a while now – my boyfriend gave up sugar for a month and lost 8kg.
In a perfect world, we’d all spend our weekends at the local health food store picking out healthy ingredients and snacks, then going home to meal prep for the week ahead. In reality, most of us don’t have the time to do that! When you’re time poor, it can be incredibly tempting to just buy your meals and snacks on the go – however this usually results in poor food choices that are loaded with sugar, simply because that’s what is available.
The Sugarfree Box makes it easy to find healthy snacks – and also makes eating refined sugar-free foods interesting and exciting! We include discounts for most of the products in our boxes so that you can hop online and order more of your favourites and keep your pantry stocked with delicious products for those times when you need to grab something on the go. We also have plenty of simple, sugar-free recipes on our blog ( that make cooking healthy meals easy, even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.
If giving up sugar for a month sounds daunting, we’ll be launching our free 7 day sugar-free challenge soon. Register your interest here ( 
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