How Jacinta lost 10kg the healthy way

I recently sat down with Jacinta, one of my good friends from high school, but also a JSHealth girl – one of Jessica Sepel’s Ambassadors, to discuss her transformation following the JSHealth philosophy. 

We have been following your journey on Instagram over the last few months and we have to say, you’re looking absolutely amazing! You look so healthy, happy and well. Tell us what the JSHealth philosophy means for you and how has it changed your view on health and eating?

Ah thank you so much! I honestly feel so healthy, happy and well. The JSHealth philosophy is all about having a well-balanced holistic approach to health and wellness and focuses on nourishing not just on the body but also the mind and soul. The JSHealth philosophy had taught me to take it back to basics and really listen to my body and what it needs, how to practice mindful eating, I’ve learnt to nurture myself and to fuel my body by eating whole, clean and unprocessed foods. I now no longer deprive or punish myself, I practice mindfulness, I’m active every day with HIIT workouts, long walks and yoga or Pilates however I also make sure to allow time to unwind each day and stress less and I still treat myself every week because it’s all about balance!

You recently posted your transformation pictures on your Instagram and you look amazing. You also captioned the post saying this is the healthiest, fittest and happiness you’ve ever been – tell us what your journey involved and how adopting the JSHealth philosophy has helped you overcome some negative body confidence feelings?

Far out it took me a long while to feel confident and comfortable enough to share these progress photos as I was so ashamed of who/how I used to be. I honestly did not think anyone would see them besides my mum and sisters so it was a massive deal for me to post those publicly. I guess like nearly every other girl in the teens, 20s, 30s and even older I’ve always really struggled with my body confidence and negative self-talk, and like a viscous cycle the more I hated the way I looked the more I turned to food and disordered emotional binge eating. I had a moment where I finally decided that enough was enough- I wasn’t happy in myself so decided to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. Since then I have been on my own personal health journey. Discovering I had an unhealthy and negative relationship with food and my body came as a big and daunting surprise to me as I guess I used to tell myself I was being healthy but starving myself all day then binging on anything I could get my hands on at night, or going on tea toxes or restricting certain food groups and then deciding to drink or eat “health food” marketed processed foods because it was the latest craze were not healthy habits at all! But with the help of adopting the JSHealth philosophy towards my eating and lifestyle I was slowly and healthily able to loose 10kgs over 6months and am now at the fittest and healthiest I have ever been! I am now proud of what I have achieved and how fit, healthy and happy I have become and it feels awesome!

How long have you been following the JSHealth philosophy?

I first heard about Jess about 18months ago and then it was probably 12months ago that I really decided to make some positive changes to my life and that’s when I turned to the JSHealth philosophy. And never looked back. I honestly think my family and friends get sick of me going on about it all the time! Ha ha! I really started to achieve incredible results not only physically but was also  able to heal my mental and emotional wounds, develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, nourish my soul and learn to love myself again for who I am. After this it became so easy and is just my way of life now.

How did you get started on the JSHealth journey?

I became a strong follower of Jess through social media and then through her blog, recipes, social media and books I discovered just how easy it was to start out and maintain this amazing new lifestyle. Most recently I completed the JSHealth 8 week program which provides an abundance of information, advice, education, tips and healthy how to’s. It’s been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to use my experience, knowledge and lessons as a positive and powerful story to share with girls just like you and me who might be out there struggling with the same issues. 


What does a typical day on a plate look like for jay?

Every day I start off with a big mug of fresh warm lemon and ginger tea this helps with digestion and gets my metabolism kick started but it’s become a bit of a ritual for me now and I tend to refill my mug multiple times throughout the morning. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and probably the biggest. I make my own JSHealth granola in big batches and have that on top of oats, almond milk, Barambah organic greek yoghurt, a banana and frozen berries or whatever other fruit I have laying around. Morning tea would be either a piece of fruit or handful of nuts and a tea or coffee. I don’t drink coffee everyday so when I do I like to get a proper one full fat milk and all! I’m a creature of habit with my lunches at work will always be a big salad with tuna or poached chicken- I love mixing it up with different nuts or seeds or dressings from the JS books. Afternoon tea is a must for me I love a 4pm nom on bliss balls or nuts or I make up a batch of my own seed crackers and spread homemade almond butter on top- so good! And then my dinners I like to try out a new recipe each week so this always varies but my go to favourites are salmon or fish with roast veges and greens, zucchini noodles with fresh pesto and chicken or a big roast vege frittata. Finally dessert time- happens every night I can’t not have a little something sweet after dinner, usually coconut yoghurt and berries or a bliss ball or one of the JSHealth sweet treat alternatives. The JSHealth recipes are just so easy, quick, nutritious and delicious- I cannot recommend them to enough people. I usually make up big batches of meals and healthy snacks and store in fridge or freezer so I’m never caught out. Oh and I drink about my body weight in water each day too- never leave the house or even room without my water bottle!


How have you managed to stay motivated and consistent throughout the journey?

Definitely had the help and support of family and friends reassuring me throughout the journey with how much happier and healthier I seemed, but it’s 100% an internal motivation. Once you start to see and feel results- that’s enough to keep you going and to stay motivated. I learned very quickly what foods and habits made me feel good and which ones made me feel like crap and then it’s a no brainer really, to make daily decisions that result in me feeling good inside and out.


Have you had any laspes and if so how have you managed to get back on track?

Of course! At the start it was HARRRD! But by breaking it down each week and making little changes and setting mini goals it made it so much easier and totally achievable. That’s why the JSHealth 8 week program is so successful because it breaks it down into 8 weeks with a different focus each week so that it’s not an overwhelming or daunting task. I made myself accountable by starting a diary (I have never been a writer or diary person before this so even that was difficult to start with!) and each week I would write out my intentions and goals, a positive affirmation, my progress – for example; going down a dress size or setting a faster time/heavier weights record in my workouts. I would also write down every time I had a lapse or binge and write what it was, how I was feeling beforehand and how it made me feel afterwards (like crap!!). This helped me tenfold because I then became aware of certain triggers and was able to acknowledge them and instead of turning to food I would turn to exercise or yoga or another activity to deal with them. At the start of my diary I was having lapses nearly every second day but slowly, slowly as it got easier the binges became less and less and I can now honestly not tell you when my last one was. When you do have a lapse it’s important not to punish yourself for it. You need to acknowledge that it happened and then let it go and start fresh the next day with an abundance of self-love, nurturing and positive vibes.


Do you have any advice for those wanting to start out?

There’s no big secret or new diet or special pill to help you loose weight and feel great. Our society needs to realise that it really is just simply all about eating well, eating mindfully and creating a positive relationship with food and nourishing your body and soul. This is the word that Jess and JSHealth is trying to spread and her books and 8-week program seriously make this lifestyle an achievable easy every day way of living. I was lucky enough at the start of the year to become an Ambassador for JSHealth and am so stoked to be able to help spread her philosophy, I have already noticed so many changes in my close family and friends and have even had total strangers reach out to me for advice. It’s not an easy task to start out but set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with a supportive and positive environment, set yourself little mini weekly goals and reward yourself for your achievements big or small by doing this you can gradually change your way of living for the better and achieve fantastic results that leave you glowing inside and out!

How amazing and well does she look! Congrats Jay!

For more information on the JShealth philosophy, check out our recent interview with Jess here.

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