How to eat healthy and still hit your budget goals

1. Eat In

Instead of spending $16 – $20 on a cafe brunch, try recreating it at home. Instead you can get a loaf of sourdough olive bread from Bakers delight for $5 (might last you 2 or 3 weeks in the freezer too) plus an avocado for about $2 – that’s less than half the price of a breakfast outing. If catching up with friends is the reason for eating out, try inviting them over for breakfast and compromise with take away coffees. Picking 2 meals a week to eat out is a good way to make sure you don’t get a case of massive FOMO but also put stoppers in place to ensure you’re not over spending on dining out.

2. Prepare a meal plan & go shopping with a strict list

Look at what’s in the fridge and what you have left over from the previous week. Plan your recipes for the week and only buy what you need. Try to also shop around the isles of the supermarket (with the exception of the health food aisle) – this is where all the well marketed packaged foods can get you.

3. Buy more veges

Yes we need proteins to add to our meals but more often than not the healthy meats are the more pricey items. You’ll notice a huge difference when you buy a lot less meat and mainly veges. One trick we have tried is making more vegetarian meals or ensuring meals are very heavily vege based with smaller portion of meat/fish that usual. For example a fillet of salmon could go over 3 meals instead of two. Not for everyone but worth a try as it does come in cheaper.

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4. Sign up to a health food store & shop around.

Fiends for this at The OYSTA – many of us will go to the shops with a list and go back and forth between the health food shop and the supermarket (luckily they are close to each other at our local hang out). We work out which one has the best price on a particular product that week. This is especially great when shopping for nuts, nut butters and meals and dates. For example the other week Mayvers peanut butter was on sale in Woolies for $4 compared to the nut butters in the health food store for $10.75 whereas the dates in Woolies were $8 compared to $4 in the health food store. Takes a bit of time but well worth it.

Health food stores also have member’s discounts, discount days and send you reminders about their sales so it’s worth signing up to be a member.

It’s also worth sussing out your local farmers markets as you can get fresh, organic produce for sometimes a much cheaper price.



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