Save money and be a tourist in your own town


If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for adventure, for new experiences, and a change of scenery.

I used to feel like the only way I could get the rush I get from travelling was by doing exactly that – jumping on a plane with a destination to be discovered.

Before I had the opportunity to move to the other side of the world, I’d lived in the same city for 20-odd years and fell nonchalantly into the “been there, done that, bored with it” attitude when it came to my hometown.

However, while showing some visiting friends around my city, I discovered something that helped to ease my itchy feet without the purchase of a plane ticket – Being a tourist in your own town, and it’s a lot easier than you think…


Why do we love getting away on holidays so much? Because we escape routine. Whether it’s a weekend trip up the coast or a month-long sojourn overseas, wherever you go is new and exciting, and allows you to momentarily live a life out of the ordinary.

When you’re at home, however, it’s so easy to fall into the work/eat/sleep/repeat routine, dreaming of that next trip away to keep you sane. In this process, we tend to ignore our own towns.

The first step is to do as you would in holiday-mode and start exploring! Haven’t tried kayaking your local beach at sunset? Go for it! Never been in that museum before? Spend an afternoon there! Heard there’s a hike nearby that leads to a waterfall? Get your boots on and find that bad boy! I guarantee once you start looking a little closer at your surrounds, you’ll be surprised at what you find.


When you’re in a foreign city being shown the sights and sounds by a local guide, you listen intently to all the intricate back-stories and history. You come home filled with knowledge about the crazy gunfight that happened outside the grand town hall, or the importance of the lion statue by the lake, and this unique information is what gives the place so much more meaning to you.

Would you know the same stories about your own town? It’s always the interesting little anecdotes and obscure pieces of history that we tend to be most unaware of. If there’s a free walking tour on offer in your city, jump on it and see what weird and wonderful things you find out.


You know when you’re in holiday-mode and you see a sign for scuba diving/bungee jumping/hot chilli eating contest/fancy night in the city, and you think to yourself, “Hey! When in Rome (or, you know, wherever you are in the world)”. Take that mindset and put it into the activities on offer in your hometown. You can pick up something you might only consider doing if you had your cool and carefree holiday-brain making the decisions for an epic price with Scoopon. There’s nothing like a huge shot of adrenaline to get you pumped about where you are.
Of course, nothing will ever compare to waking up in a completely different city – or continent, for that matter – but, by attempting to view your current hometown through your ever-appreciative tourist eyes, it can certainly provide a temporary fix for a permanent case of wanderlust and help you save some pennies.

Brittany Herron

Brittany is an Australian painter of word pictures, currently wandering somewhere across Canada and the US. Follow her (somewhat sporadic posting of) adventures on Instagram @

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