How 28-year-old used Uber side gig to land 6 properties in 2 years

Why did you decide property investing was the best way to build your wealth? 

I had been saving money for a few years for the sake as I was told that was the thing to do. I soon came to have a small nest egg of savings, which led me into self education on the topics of personal development, financial empowerment and generating a passive income, typically made from – shares, property, and having your own business. At the time, property was the simplest to understand so I went all in!

How did you get started and how long did it take you to save enough to purchase your first property?

I got started by doing a lot of self education on property investor forums, reading books, podcasts, attending weekly events/seminars/workshops (all free) and networking with seasoned investors I met through forums & seminars/workshops. In the beginning I didn’t have a mentor to help guide me. It took me around 3.5 yrs to save enough for a property.

How many properties do you now own?

6 properties in 2 years.

You have properties in Brisbane and Adelaide, why these locations?

I decided to look in other more affordable capital city markets that enabled me to buy a single standing home and a good size block of land with close proximity to the CBD, and strong rental yields.

Also, over history, Brisbane lags the Sydney market so once Sydney comes off the boil, Brisbane should be in a good position to experience good capital growth.

I bought my Adelaide property because it presented really good yields and at the time, I was limited to $220K. This property is generating over 7.5%.

I purchased my first property in Oct 2014 – at this point in time, it was already half way through the current Sydney boom ie 2.5-3yrs into the current Syd boom, and I thought Sydney was already at the top of the market – in hindsight I was wrong.


From old to new. Part of Taku’s investment strategy in action – buying and then renovating to revalue after settlement. 

What do you look for now when buying a property?

I am always assessing every potential purchase with an eye of “how will I be able to create a minimum of $60K equity from this property straight after settlement, which I could use to fund my next purchase”

Good yields above 6.5%, ability to add value through renovation or adding extra room etc, areas where it has yet to experience significant growth and at least 10% below the median price of the area.

What is your investment strategy to get to your next purchase?

Buy, Reno, Hold, Revalue (after settlement) – recycle equity to fund subsequent purchases

Managing a large property portfolio seems daunting, how much effort is involved in managing a large property portfolio?

A great team makes holding a portfolio a lot less daunting. Your team should include an investment savvy mortgage broker, property manager, solicitor/conveyancer, trades, mentor support, accountant

The more I get immersed into the space of property investing, the more I realise that the income is not passive income. It takes time a have your files in order, to pay bills, check the right rent is coming in etc, handling calls around maintenance issues from PM etc… However, I am still convinced property investing is the best investment class long-term.

What is your long-term goal?

$10M net income p.a. from my investments by 36yo (I have 7yrs left to achieve this). It is still not clear how I will get there however, continued investments in property (both resi & commercial) and growth from my mortgage brokerage will most likely make up a substantial bulk of this net income goal. You have to dream BIG.

What are your top savings tips?

  1. Start a side hustle – I started Uber driving (on top of my full-time job) for around 20-30hrs a week which helped save me an additional $600-$900 gross/week (depending on how many hrs I drove).
  2. Stop unnecessary discretionary spending –  I stopped discretionary spending which included going out on weekends, no holidays (it’s been 3.5 yrs since my last holiday), stopped drinking completely (it’s been over 2yrs), buying unnecessary luxuries and definitely no smashed avo’s!

What two locations are worth looking right now?

Greater Geelong i.e. Corio, Norlane, Thomson, Newcomb

The local government area of Moreton Bay Regional Council i.e. Strathpine, Petrie, Kallangur, Bray Park, Deception Bay, Redclieffe etc

What’s your advice to other millennials wanting to crack the property market?

The short term sacrifices you have to make today i.e. saving, cutting out discretionary spend and education will be worth it in the long-term. You will be so grateful looking back in 10 years time that you invested the time and resources into getting into property today rather than waiting till it’s too late!

Stay focused and stick with it. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Look at areas that present lower entry prices ie $300-$400K in capital city markets that present good opportunity for mid to long term capital growth and strong rental yields of 6% plus. You can get into these market for an initial capital outlay of $50K.



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