Gentlemen, start your beauty routine….

So, have you looked in the mirror lately? Have you even seen what you’ve got going on up in here?

It’s true, you’re a man, and men do manly things like discover fire and invent the wheel. Taking care of one’s appearance doesn’t always fit in to a man’s manly schedule.

But, as Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changing. Now, I know Mr Dylan may not have been talking about men’s skin and hair care when he crooned those lyrics, but the message definitely rings true. No longer is it seen as ‘un-manly’ for a modern gentleman to look after himself and his appearance. It’s time to scrap that stereotype altogether, and embrace the masculine beauty routine!

If your face, bod and beard could do with a little TLC, maybe it’s time to add some of these great men’s grooming products to your beauty bag, uh… I mean masculine manly man kit. Your future self, and those of us that have to look at you everyday, will thank you.

Milkman Grooming Co.
Whether you shave, grow or mo, Milkman Grooming Co. will have your face looking and feeling fresh. Milkman offer a range of grooming products from beard oil, to moustache wax, to post-shave moisturisers that aim to nourish and assist with facial rejuvenation. Their obsession with the world of facial hair care means they only include the highest quality botanical oils, raw materials, and carefully formulated natural scents in their products. If you sign up to Milkman’s league of extraordinary well-groomed gentlemen, you’ll receive 10% off your order!

Check out their full range of products here: 

The Bearded Stag
The modern beardsman takes pride in his glorious facial hair, and The Bearded Stag are here to help your beard be the best beard it can be. Their vision is to provide all well-groomed gents with the products and the power to keep themselves tamed, trimmed and tidy. Not only do The Bearded Stag bring you the finest tried-and-tested collection of products designed to nourish, control, and maintain, but they also offer advice and styling tips. When it comes to hair and beard care, this is certainly not The Bearded Stags’ first rodeo – they live and breathe the bearded lifestyle. You can rest assured your facial mane is in good hands with these guys.

Take a look at their tips, tricks and products here:

Brittany Herron

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