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The addictive new service that allows you to buy now and pay later!

 Online shopping can be addictive, simply due to its convenience, time efficiency and scale, allowing you to purchase multiple items from multiple stores almost at once with the click of a button, all from the comfort of your couch…….And now to make it even more addictive and appealing, you can lay by purchases from online stores, something that has only been available in physical retail stores until now.
Its seriously the best thing ever….how many times have you found something online that you absolutely have to have and it’s the last one left in your size, but you don’t have enough in your account or it’s not a sensible purchase until your next pay day? Enter Afterpay.  Afterpay is an awesome new service that allows your to buy items now and pay later in 4 simple installments. What’s even better you don’t have to pay anything extra to use the Afterpay payment option! Afterpay have partnered with a huge range of online retailers, both big and small, like PepperMayo, Cotton On and Auguste the label, so look for the Afterpay option at the online checkout when making your next purchase.
I’m totally addicted – mainly because it allows you to keep your money in your account for longer, something that is especially good if you’re paying off a mortgage and have an offset account!
Here’s how it works!
Check out all the stores that have After pay here
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