Afternoon Stroll or a Full Day Trek, Where to go in Sydney

Now that the beautiful cooler months of winter have arrived, its the perfect time to explore and walk your way around our great national parks and city. Here are our top 5 walking tracks to take on this winter.

1. BUNDEENA Drive to Little Marly Beach

This rewarding walk from Bundeena Drive to Little Marley Beach leads through heath, past fresh water pools and creeks too cool you off, and on to scenic beach views in Royal National Park. Take a camera for this trek as it has some of Australians most stunning views. There is also a 2 day trek for the ambitious go-getters. Go on, I know you are. Check it out Google Street View Trekker.

4km one-way
1hr 30min – 2hrs 30min

2. Forrest Path

Beginning south of Bola Creek, Forest Path is an easy walk showcasing everything nature had to offer. Take a dip at one of the swimming spots along the way. Forest path offers an easy hike through Royal National Park’s rainforests and leads you past a variety of native plants and flowers, including eucalypts, casuarinas, cabbage tree palms and Gymea lilies that are home to a range of birdlife.
This almost-circular loop is suitable for walkers of all fitness levels and is a great one for your first walk for the season.
4.4km loop
1hr – 1hr 30min
Couranga Track, Royal National Park

3. Bradleys head to Chowder Bay

 I don’t think you could get a better view of Sydney harbor unless you are in a helicopter. This easy walk takes you from Taronga Zoo to the beach and cafes at Chowder Bay, and there is a guided tour to download on iPhone or Android.  Check out a virtual tour of Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk with the imagery Google Street View Trekker
Watch the boats go by from Bradleys Head Amphitheatre or step into the past at Military relics at Bradleys Head. Some parts you forget that you are in the city at all, and stop for a drink at heritage-listed Athol Hall or a Chowder Bay café to finish it off. Perfect for an afternoon walk.
4km one-way
1hr 30min – 2hrs 30min

4. Manly to Spit Bridge

Although one of the longer ones this would be good for a full day out to see how beautiful our city is! Makes sure you wear good walking shoes and take a light rain jacket.
Manly to Spit Bridge is a 10km walk that takes approx 3 to 4 hours to complete and offers spectacular views of the entrance to the harbour and over to the city. The walkway is well signposted with a number of entry points and information boards along the length of the track.
A recent addition to the walkway is a 9.5km North Head circuit track which also takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete. Commencing and finishing at Manly Wharf, this newer section allows visitors to experience the natural beauty and history of North Head via Shelly Beach, Spring Cove, and Little Manly Reserve.
(19.5km with the added extra loop)
3hr – 4 hr
(6hr Extra loop)

5. Cook’s Landing to Cape Solander

Starting at the National Park Visitor Center, follow the signs via the Muru or Yena Trail. Continue further and you will see the majestic sandstone cliff tops of Cape Solander, Nothing but the wild Pacific Ocean from here. From May to August this is a premier whale watching destination with a purpose built whale viewing platform. If there is some swell around you might even see some dare devils surfing off the headland. This is where the hold the Cape Fear Competition from time to time.
2.5km return
1hr (via Muru or Yena Trail)
Whether it’s an afternoon stroll or a full day trek, we have so much in our backyard and we hardly get out there and experience it enough. Get your friends and family together and get active and see our beautiful area. We are so lucky!
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