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The OYSTA team recently trialed an Orangetheory workout in California and we promise, Orangetheory Fitness is worth a try. We loved it for its smart set-up and crazy calorie burn.

Orangetheory has been in full flight in the US for around 6 years but has  recently launched in Australia, with 3 studios, one in NSW, VIC and QLD.

The model is both smart and simple: The one hour workout is a high intensity, heart rate monitored cardio and strength session run by a high energy instructor. The room is set up with a row of treadmills, rowers and individuals strength stations (with weights, body-weight exercises, and TRX moves). There are also two sets of overhead screens positioned around the room, one to guide you through the strength exercises and reps and another displaying a chart with everybody’s name, vitals, and progression between the five “zones” (grey, blue, green, orange and red).



The theory behind the workout is to work in your “orange zone”—which is 84-91% of your max heart rate – for 12 to 20 minutes during the class. This fitness philosophy is based on maximizing excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), or afterburn. Each class has you bouncing back and forth between cardio and strength intervals in order to spike metabolism and boost your energy.

The addition of the heart rate monitor and having everyone’s heart rate displayed on a screen certainly injects some competitiveness into the class but also helps you  track your progress and push yourself into the next ‘zone’.What’s more, your results are emailed to you post your work so you can see how you did and track improvement over time!

We promise this workout packs a punch – we burnt more calories in this class than  any other gym class and felt the after burn effects still working two days post the workout. The way the workout made us felt and it’s clear effectiveness, left us wanting to do it again.


Let’s hope Orangetheory expands in Aus soon but in the meantime either get out and try the one in your state or get yourself a heart rate monitor and spend 12-20 minutes each workout working at 84-91% of your max heart rate.



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