7 companies helping you travel and work remotely

Many humans are explorers at heart. We love the adventure and challenges that come with discovering new places. Most of all, I think, we love the sense of independence and personal growth that comes with it.

But how about exploring the world and developing your career at the same time?

Below are 7 companies helping live the dream and experience the world whilst working…………..

Remote year

Remote year is a program that enables you to work abroad for an entire year – but not in the traditional sense. Each year a team of 75 online freelancers go tripping around 12 cities around the world together. The organisation provides you with suitable accommodation for work (read wi-fi inclusive) and travel tickets throughout this amazing 1 year long adventure.

As the name suggests, Remote year only offers one year programs, meaning you are required to enrol for the full year program. For first timers this prospect could be a little daunting but imagine the bonds you could form with others travelling a year aboard with them! Imagine the experience. Personally, we love the whole idea of it!

Visit: http://www.remoteyear.com/

Key to note: Remote Year is not a job provider. All participants will need their own remote jobs once the program begins. However, you do not need to have a remote job to apply – they will provide guidance and resources for how to get your employer on board. We’ve seen success with Fortune 500 and startup companies and with traditional and non-traditional remote roles. We’ll help you get creative with transitioning into a remote position.

Terminal 3

Terminal3.co is again a remote work and travel program for freelancers and remote workers, however, they provide a little more flexibility by offering a minimum one month program and the possibility to extend. Each month the team moves to a new location and for 2017, these destinations include cities across Asia and Europe.

Terminal 3 also caps the group size to a maximum of 30, allowing you to create meaningful relationships with a family like community. They also pride themselves on guaranteeing you your own private room in an apartment (or villa if you join us in Bali!) so your sure to be comfortable in every location.

In addition to providing accomodation, travel to and from destinations and access to co-working locations, they also neatly offer development coaching sessions, monthly group excursions and community impact days – which all sounds pretty cool!

Visit: www.terminal3.co

We Roam

We Roam is similar in concept but different in quality by their own admission. They choose the best cities, find premium accommodation, partner with professional and convenient co-working spaces, and provide 100% hassle free travel options – no basements or dorm rooms.

Another key difference is that We Roam pride themselves on curating trips around the world for a select group of remote workers who want to pursue their love of travel, without putting their careers on hold.

Their remote work program is specifically for professionals – you will be co-working with entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, designers, and more. Between networking with local business leaders, attending engaging speaker series, and participating in various workshops, you will be busy developing both personally and in your career.

We also love that We Roam offer opportunities to volunteer and help in local communities that you travel to. They want you to be able to leave a lasting imprint instead of just simply passing through.
You can check the costs and itineraries at http://www.we-roam.com/itineraries/

Key to note:

We believe that this is a trip for professionals. Plenty of people want to travel the world, but we are only interested in curating groups that truly believe in the marriage of work and travel. Therefore, we only accept individuals that will be gainfully employed for the duration of our programs.

They offer flexible start dates and trip lengths (minimum 3 months).


Wanderbrief is a slightly different concept……these guys took the statistic that 78% of millennials value experience over money and turned it into a money making machine of a business. The concept is simple; through the platform you can organize to work for companies overseas in order to fund your own travelling adventures. It takes all the guess work out of finding a job in a different country and creates the opportunity for you to travel longer and smarter. Because a little extra money to spend on tequilas is never a bad thing!

And there’s more……….
The rapid demand for these types of experience has seen a number of similar services burst onto the scene – all offering something slightly unique and different itineraries and travel destinations. Check a few others out below.

The remote trip – These guys bring together a community of 30 remote professionals to work while traveling the world together for 3-to-6 months.

Visit: http://www.theremotetrip.com/

Wifi Tribe – These guys cater to down-to-earth creatives and entrepreneurs.

Visit: http://wifitribe.co/

The remote experience – these guys also offer great flexibility, with options to travel and work remotely across the world, one month at a time.

Just before we leave you to explore all the possibilities, do note some of these services are run from international locations so they may require payment is foreign currencies.

Happy exploring!!

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