5 easy things you can give up to save for your next trip

We chat to Murray Decker from Tour Amigo to get his top tips for saving money for your next trip. Good thing Murray’s savings tips are similar to The Oysta’s general savings tips – showing us that saving money isn’t rocket science – it just takes a few tweaks and some dedication. Here’s your answer to making that next trip a reality;


Tour Amigo rate experiences over assets so basically the rule of thumb is to ask yourself: Is this better spent today or on my trip?”


1. Stop buying coffee – make it yourself.

Sure we all love our morning pick-me-up, but wouldn’t that $4 be better spent on a couple of pastries in Paris? The instant coffee in your office might not be quite as appealing as java with a side of bad customer service served by a university student, but it will give the same results without making a dent in your coin purse.

2. Have a night in once in a while

Saving for a trip doesn’t mean you don’t have to socialise, but convince your friends on a night in once and a while. Opening a bottle of wine at home is a lot cheaper than bottle service.

3. Look at your transportation

Sometimes a week of the bus is cheaper than a week’s worth of parking and fuel or Uber’s. Naturally you need to get from A to B, but is there any chance you could do it for less? If you drive, perhaps you could consider public transport. If it’s only a few stops to work and you usually take the bus, maybe you can walk. Most people will choose the easiest or fastest way to get to work, which may not always be the friendliest option for their bank account. A small sacrifice when it comes to comfort here could make a big difference to the number of zeros in the vault when you take off.

4. Prepare your own food as often as possible

One of the easiest and most unnecessary means for your bank balance to trickle down is when you spend money on food. As the saying goes, a girl’s got to eat – and we think there’s some evidence that a boy does too – so naturally you are going to say goodbye to some cash in favour of filling your stomach. But, there is no denying we tend to spend more than we might need in this area. A lot of social gatherings will involve purchasing food, and the lunch truck outside your office is a super convenient option with the bonus of loyalty stamps, but if you can shy away from temptation in this area you will see your unnecessary spending dramatically reduced.

5. Choose free or cheaper social activities

It will make things a lot easier if your friends are on board with your saving and are willing to opt for cheaper outings. Life doesn’t need to stop completely in order to save a dime, but choosing to host a dinner party at home or celebrate your birthday with a picnic in the park will cost a lot less than the dinners, movies and shopping you might ordinarily do.

Lastly, if you need an incentive, just book your flights and tours and then you’re forced to save. Good thing about a tour is that a lot of your major costs are included in a tour, leaving your savings for spending and enjoying.


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