4 incredible group tours for the adventurous traveller

So, you want to see the world, but you aren’t exactly sure how. Or you don’t want to go it alone. Or you get overwhelmed reading about all the different options and trying to figure out hotels and buses and trains and visas and…

While some hard-core backpackers and other rugged types might poo-poo group tours, they’re actually a great option for many, especially solo travellers looking for people to adventure with. We found some of the best budget-friendly group tours around the world, so read on, and then book your dream trip!

1. The Road to Delhi – Gecko Adventures

India is a huge and a notoriously chaotic country that intimidates even the most experienced travellers. This Gecko Adventures trip journeys from Kathmandu to Delhi, hitting highlights in both Nepal and India along the way. Visit Lumbini (aka, the Mecca of Buddhism), Varanasi, Agra, and Jaipur without having to plan any complicated logistics yourself, and do it all on a reasonable budget. Even better, Gecko subscribes to a responsible travel policy to ensure sustainability and ethical experiences. Note that this tour, like all of Gecko’s trips, is open only to travellers aged 18 to 29.

2. Vietnam: Hike, Bike & Kayak – Intrepid Travel

If your travel mantra is “The more active outdoors activities, the better,” this is the trip for you. The parent company of Gecko Adventures, Intrepid Travel runs trips for all ages and employs the same responsible travel principles. This tour will take you off the beaten path to parts of Vietnam that are best experienced by travelling with the power of your own two feet. Though the trip is (quite!) active, prior training is not necessary, but it’ll be best enjoyed by people of a moderate fitness level.

3. Gokyo Lake Trek – Himalayan Experience

Nepal is home to some incredibly popular treks – Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit ring a bell? But glimpsing a few pictures of Gokyo Lake is all it’ll take to convince you that this Himalayan Experience trek is just as bucket list-worthy. No, you won’t have the trail to yourself, but you’ll avoid some of the crowds you’d face on the country’s more popular routes. You don’t need to be an acclaimed mountaineer for this trip, but it does require moderate fitness and the ability to hike at altitude (points of the trek reach over 5,500 meters!).

Intrepid travel also run a combined Everest Base Camp and Gekyo Lake tour that stretches over 16 days, reaching altitudes above 5,500m!

4. Culture & Wildlife of Madagascar – World Expeditions

You might think of Madagascar as a movie, but it’s also a country – and a pretty amazing one at that. The world’s fourth-largest island, it boasts fascinating history, otherworldly landscapes, and nearly unmatched biodiversity. Interested? This World Expeditions trip will take you all around the country to traditional villages, wildlife reserves, and lush rainforests. Whether it’s your first time in Africa or your tenth, visiting Madagascar is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

With so many tour companies offering group adventures around the globe, it’s easier than ever for adventurous young adults to satisfy their wanderlust – and to do it on a budget.

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