3 online gift services helping you give a unique gift in a time of need


 1. Happetite Feel – Good Food Gifts

If you’re looking for an alternative to sending flowers, Happetite Delivers Feel-Good Food gifts to the people you care about.

You can order ready to eat homemade meals from Nonna’s secret recipe book to make the ones you love feel good. Happetite food is the tastier alternative to sending flowers.

How it Works

Select from their range of hampers online, tailor your own personal message, and leave the kitchen duties to them. They will then deliver the Food gifts to the people you care about.

Visit: http://www.happetitefood.com.au/

2. Caring Canary – Premium and Bespoke Care packages

Caring Canary takes the hassle out of gift-giving. Caring Canary connects people and cultivates happiness through premium, meaningful and convenient gift-giving. Just think, you don’t remember every bunch of flowers you’ve ever received, but it’s those highly thought-out gifts that you remember forever. The online gift boutique features carefully curated gifts and care packages with OVERNIGHT shipping around the country.

So brighten someone’s day and make them feel special, loved and cared for. In return, you will win partner/BFF/employee/boss/family member of the year by sending such an awesome package; and you can do it in just a few easy clicks.

And for every care package, you get to choose a Caring Card to add that extra special, personal touch.

Visit: http://caringcanary.com.au/

3. Hope Street Cards

Looking for the perfect card that is supportive and appropriate to inspire hope and encourage those recovery from mental illness? All Hope Street cards get well cards have been created by a psychologist who has both professional experience working with individuals experiencing mental illnesses and personal experience dealing with a psychiatric disorder.

How it works

Cards are tailored to specific diagnoses and conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder) and a more general line of cards exists which would be appropriate for use across all psychiatric conditions.

  • Each card is accompanied with evidence-based information on mental illness and the particular diagnosis as well as suggestions as to how best support someone experiencing mental health issues.
  • A $1 donation from the sale of each card will be made to the Black Dog Institute to support the important research, clinical services and education programs undertaken by this mental health organization.
  • Every card enables the donor to learn more about mental illness, and to show a loved one they care and support them through their recovery in a non-judgmental, empathic and hopeful way.

Visit: http://hopestreetcards.com.au/

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